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Guilin Tours by Country

If you've seen a Chinese landscape painting, you've probably know Guilin. For most travelers, Guilin is a dream tourist destination. To better serve our clients from different countries, we create the extensive webpages as guidance. There, You can find out practical travel information (visa, flights, and tips), and recommended Guilin tours, for reference.

Wanna know how to get to Guilin from other countries, which are not listed below? Please feel free to contact us.

  • Tours to Guilin from Australia

    Guilin has been a popular travel destination since ancient times. Numbers of elegant poems curved in the stone by poets, sculptors and calligraphers prove Guilin to be really a t ...


  • Tours to Guilin from Canada

    Guilin has long been a favorite amongst travelers from Canada. The compact city of Guilin gets its fame for the green mountains, crystal clear waters, unique caves and beautiful ...


  • Tours to Guilin from Indonesia

    Guilin Holiday has been operating tours to Guilin for the Indonesian for the last 14 years. Based in Guilin, we tailor-make tour packages for tourists all around the world. We wa ...


  • Tours to Guilin from Japan

    Do you find the best way to extend your holidays from Japan? Visit Guilin, China and behold the nature's wonders in one of the city's heavenly natural beauty. There are countless ...


  • Tours to Guilin from Malaysia

    Guilin is a place where you can realize your dream of traveling to the fairyland. Endowed with unparalleled Karst landscape, Guilin boasts numbers of fanciful limestone caves, li ...


  • Tours to Guilin from NZ

    Guilin is really one of the must-visit place when you travel to China. Dotted with lakes, rivers, mountains and caves, the picturesque city of Guilin provides a peaceful escape f ...


  • Tours to Guilin from Philippines

    Guilin owns the superb Karst landscape and is honored as having the most standard and classic Karst landform by geographers. The diversity of limestones and peaks which portray a ...


  • Tours to Guilin from Singapore

    Guilin, known as a world-famous touristy destination, is honored by its natural beauty and abundant ethnic minority cultures. Hence, Guilin has attracted numerous tourists from S ...


  • Tours to Guilin from South Korea

    Are you an expat who want to plan a Guilin trip from South Korea? It is easily accessible from Seoul or Busan to Guilin within 3 hours by direct flights. More than just a holiday ...


  • Tours to Guilin from Thailand

    Guilin has plenty of scenic attractions to behold, from the dreamlike Karst caves and splendid Longji Rice Terrace fields to picturesque Li River and poetic Yangshuo countryside. ...


  • Tours to Guilin from UK

    Guilin, home to some of China's most breathtaking scenery. The scenic city has become the third most popular tourist destination in China after Beijing and Xian. Here, we offer t ...


  • Tours to Guilin from USA

    The name Guilin may not have a familiar ring to many Americans; but the city has more recently become a stop on the global backpacker circuit. There are weeks and weeks of possib ...