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Guilin Train Tickets Booking

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  • Overview : Travel by train from Guilin to other Chinese cities is quite convenient, with our reliable ticketing service.
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Guilin is a transportation hub in the north of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is very convenient to take a train to head for the major cities in this country. We can offer you reliable ticketing service with the minimum handling and delivery fees.

Train fare + handling fee RMB50pp. + delivery fee RMB50/booking
* The delivery fee is based on the condition that the location should be within Guilin city downtown.

Trains from Guilin to major cities in China

Train Depart time Duration Arrive time Arrive city
K158 04:24 25h26m 05:50 +1 Beijing West
G422 10:35 10h27m 21:02 Beijing West
G530 12:07 10h43m 22:50 Beijing West
Z6 14:28 19h27m 09:55 +1 Beijing West
Z28617:55 19h54m 13:49 +1 Beijing West
K22 19:30 27h18m 22:48 Beijing West
K1558 03:54 26h21m 06:15 +1 Shanghai
K150 08:29 21h45m 06:14 +1 Shanghai South
G150211:4409h30m21:14Shanghai Hongqiao
T38215:1220h22m11:34 +1Shanghai South
T2618:3020h03m 14:33 +1Shanghai South
T7821:0517h45m 14:50 +1Shanghai South
K316 19:1027h00m 22:10 +1Xian
K65113:1325h26m 14:39 +1Chengdu East
K63511:2121h16m 08:37 +1Kunming
T38113:22 18h40m
08:02 +1Kunming
K98516:1020h27m12:37 +1Kunming
G290111:1003h21m14:31Shenzhen North
G2903 16:1203h44m 19:56Shenzhen North
G290518:4503h24m 22:09Shenzhen North
K950 21:3012h40m 10:10 +1Shenzhen

Trains between major Chinese Cities and Guilin

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(Updated on January 12, 2015) The schedule is subject to change without prior notice. For the latest info, please feel free to contact us via the form below.
  • Asked by Van der Linden
    2014-12-21 22:46
    Can you please tell us what a trainticket with the G421 on 12 May 2015 costs and what we have to do to order two of these tickets with tour compagny.
    Answered by Yuri Yu
    2014-12-22 13:42
    Dear Van,

    Thanks for your comment.

    For the high-speed train G421 from Beijing to Guilin, the ticket price is 2,530 yuan ($415) for a business-class seat, 1,250 yuan ($205) for a first-class seat and 806 yuan ($132) for a second-class seat.

    Passports are needed when buying a China train ticket and boarding a train. For details, our professional travel consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

    Have a nice time there.
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