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Guilin Tours

Come and experience the best of Guilin! Among Chinese, this scenic city in the southern China region of Guangxi is legendary for its natural beauty. And now, it is the third most popular tourist destination in China after Beijing and Xian. These Guilin tour packages below are well-designed based on our years of travel experience. Check it out and book now! We warmly invite you to enjoy an authentic Guilin holiday.

1-day Guilin Minority Culture Discovery

This Longsheng day tour will take you on a journey of discovery, to experience the peaceful lifestyle and colorful minority culture in Longji Rice Terraces area.

1-day Guilin Rural Life Discovery

Take this one day trip to discover the real life of the locals in Yangshuo countryside area, via visiting farm family, tasting local cuisine, and …

One-day Longji Terraced Fields Join-in Group Tour

Take this one day join-in group tour from Guilin city to Longsheng; there alllows some hiking through spectacular Longji Rice Terraces area and ethnic villages of Zhuang & Yao minority.

One-day Guilin Join-in Group Tour for Li River Cruise

An exceptional join-in bus tour allows you to enjoy the highlight of your trip in Guilin and marvel at the stunning landscape along the Li River.


Travel to Guilin and explore typical scenic spots in your preferred way. Our Classic Guilin Tours are classified into multi-day private tours and daily join-in tours. We would enable travelers to experience the very best Guilin has to offer in few days.

  • Guilin Cooking Tours

    Guilin Holiday offers "cooking tours" of Guilin that give visitors the opportunity to try ...
  • Guilin Taiji Tours

    Travelers can book Taiji lessons during your stay either in Guilin or Yangshuo. A Taiji ma...
  • Guilin Golf Tour

    Guilin Golf Tour packages feature a good combination of golf playing and sightseeing. All ...
  • Guilin Gourmet Tours

    Guilin is a wonderful place to try different kinds of Chinese food. Hundreds of restaurant...
  • Guilin Farm Tours

    As most of China is countryside, to visit Chinese farmland is always a good way to know a ...
  • Guilin Minority Culture Tours

    The rich localminority culture and traditions in the neighboring areas of Guilin city are ...
  • Guilin Hiking Tours

    As one of the top popular tourist cities of China, Guilin can provide terrific feelings fo...
  • Guilin Biking Tours

    Would you like to look for the most unspoiled scenery in Guilin or even more places in Chi...
  • Guilin Night Tours

    Guilin has a very active nightlife and colorful entertainment activities. Our night tours ...
  • Guilin Budget Tours

    Do you have a tight budget for your Guilin tour? No problem at all. Our super budget tour ...
  • Guilin Luxury Tours

    Guilin, a world-renowned tourist destination, has already developed a mature and well-r...

  • Guilin Honeymoon Tours

    Guilin is a romantic place generating lots of love stories, such as Sanjie Liu and her ...

  • Guilin Tours for Muslims

    Guilin is such a pretty city, drawing scores of tourists of all religions around the wo...

We are here to serve any travelers, from China domestic cities or other countries. Please find your starting point, and then get inspired.

Guilin Tours from Domestic Cities


Have just arrived in China, or lived here for many years? Travel to Guilin from other Chinese cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Kunming and more.

Guilin Tours by Country


We offer the ability to combine visa, flight and tour promotions for their Guilin holidays. The countries listed include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tailand, USA, Australia and more.

Guilin is a convenient base to plan trips to the rest of China. Below tour packages are specially designed, with an extension from Guilin to other popular tourist cities or provinces.

Guilin Tours to Provinces

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          I would like to say that our tour was great! It was everything we hoped it would be and so much more. Your planning and tour guides were just the best. I can't thank you enough for everything you did. It was a trip of a lifetime.

---- Kathy