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Guilin Hiking Tours

As one of the top popular tourist cities of China, Guilin can provide terrific feelings for trekking and hiking lovers. Trekking or Hiking around this area provides a fantastic way to appreciate the breathtaking scenery and learn further about Chinese culture and farmer's life.

For those who prefer moderate walking, Li River and Yangshuo are good places, as most parts of the trekking routes are flat and the terrain there doesn't have many ups and downs. For those who prefer harder or rigorous walking, Longsheng is a good choice, as you need to walk up and down the mountains there to see the rice terraces and the different minority cultures.

List of Guilin Hiking Tours

  • 6-day Guilin, Yangshuo & Longji Hiking Tour

    Take the 6-day Guilin hiking trip to make an unforgettable experience - Li River cruise for karst landscape, hiking around Yangshuo countryside for peaceful rural life, and treking through Longsheng rice terraces for colorful ethnic culture.

  • 5-day Guilin, Yangshuo & Longji Hiking Tour

    This 5-day Guilin Hiking Tour Package will show you not just the natural scenery of Guilin, but also experience the peaceful rural life in Yangshuo countryside area and Longsheng rice terraces.

  • 4-day Guilin Hiking Tour

    Escape from the bustle city to get close to nature. Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yanghsuo; and hiking around yangshuo countryside area for idyllic rural landscape.

  • 4-day Guilin Yangshuo Tour with Li River Hiking

    If you are desire to embrace the nature, hiking is really a good way to explore scenic Guilin. Trek along beautiful Li River, or around the non-touristy peaceful Yangshuo countryside.

  • 3-day Guilin Li River Hiking Tour

    Go hiking along the famous Li River, from Yangdi to Xingping, for picturesque karst scenery in Guilin; Also, the city highlights - Reed Flute Cave, Yao Mountain and West Hill, as well as Yangshuo Impression Sanjie Liu cannot be missed.

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