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Yangshuo Lijiang River Fishing Boat Festival

Celebrating Dates: December 10 - December 18

Yangshuo Lijiang River Fishing Boat Festival, which is hold for three days in the golden autumn season each year, it is reputed as one of the eight best sceneries in Yangshuo, and is initiated by the local government from 1998. Major activities during the festival are "Charm Street Night" carnival, large-scale "Fishing Boat Lights, Bonfire, Fireworks" party, 1000 men tug of war competitions, fun skills competitions, "100 Songs To Sing Yangshuo" creative appraisal competition, photography competitions, Yangshuo county Games and village bicycle race, etc. All these activities display the happy and prosperous life in Yangshuo County. The major activities, together with lanterns performance at the foot of Bilian Peak, such as Silong Chushui (four dragons rushing out of water) and Qianzhan Liandeng (means thousands of lanterns in the shape of lotus floating on river water), constitute the fantastic scenery featuring the integrity of fire, lanterns and river.