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Yangshuo Bamboo Rafting

Yangshuo boasting many interesting outdoor activities; Besides the popular Li River Cruise, Biking, and hiking, bamboo rafting is another great and relaxing way to take in the amazing views of Li River & Yulong River in Yangshuo area. You will be surprised by the beautiful landscapes which the green hills and the clear water along the journey!

That's exceptional experiences to observe the native farmers as they go about their daily routines: farmers tilling land, women washing laundry, fishmen and cormorants, duck herders watching over their flocks, swimming buffalos and so on...

Bamboo Rafting along Li River: Yangdi – Xingping
This section is also a popular hiking route along the Li River, which offers the most beautiful scenery; just take your time and emerge in this amazing area of your leisure. The bamboo rafting will takes around 3-4 hours depends on what kind of pace you set. Rafts on Li River are of motorized types.

Bamboo Rafting along Yulong River
Yulong River used to be unknown a couple of years ago, the fisherman along this river just used their own bamboo rafts for the fishing. But some of them found bamboo rafting on this river was a good way for the tourists to explore the beauty of Yangshuo and feel relaxed.

The water rides along Yulong River are very slow and relaxing as rafts are of men steering. Two people share one bamboo raft; and some rafts have a big umbrella ready for a sudden rain and keeping the passengers in the shade in summer. You can easily get a peaceful and quiet mood when you are sitting on the bamboo rafts and enjoying the picturesque scenery.