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Important Numbers

Before visiting a foreign land, one must always equip himself / herself with a list of emergency phone numbers valid in that country. So as you travel to Guilin in China, do make it a point to obtain a list of Guilin emergency numbers that are sure to be of great help. So if you are lost or require any assistance, your list of emergency numbers in Guilin will come to your aid. Guilin holiday offers you a list of Guilin Emergency Numbers along with detailed information on city. There are telephone booths available everywhere in Guilin. So keep the list of Guilin emergency numbers handy, thus being prepared for any unseen emergency.

Listed below are the emergency phone numbers in Guilin that you may find helpful:

China country code: 86
Guilin city code: 773
If you are making an international call to Guilin in China, you would dial Country Code: +86, City Code: 773 and then the Tel/Fax number 1234567, for example: +86-773-1234567. If you are dialing a mobile phone number anywhere in the China from outside of the China, you would dial Country Code: +86 and then the Mobile Number, for example: +86-12345678901.

Police:  110
Fire Alarm: 119
Ambulance: 120
Traffic Accident: 122
Guilin Consumer Complaint: 2825142
Tour Information Consultation: 3810660
Guilin Municipality Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Division: 5829930

Other helpful numbers to keep a list of in Guilin are:

Local information: 114
Time Enquiry: 117
Weather Forecast: 121
Airport Enquiry: 2845708
Train Enquiry: 2162222
Bus Station Enquiry: 3822153
Bank of China: 95566
Guilin People's Hospital: 2884850
Guilin Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital: 2800120