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Guilin Incentive Travel

Began in the 20's last century from America, the conception of incentive travel spread out quite fast and nowadays it is one of the most popular ways for the companies to motivate the entire teams and improve the employees as well as customers loyalty.
As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Guilin has become one of the key incentive travel destinations for international companies and enterprises in the last decade as Guilin has rich resources for this incentive travel; if it is time to reward your employees or customers for what did for your company, there is no any other better way than taking them to Guilin. With over 20 years experience of operating travel business and producing incentive tour programs in Guilin, being proud of being cooperation with some of those companies like Unilever, our expertise and local knowledge is second to none. Our professional team can help you create an individual successful program that fits your needs and budget.

Featured incentive activities in Guilin and Yangshuo:
* Chinese Cooking Lessons
* Biking around Picturesque Yangshuo Countryside
* Having Buffet in the Karst Cave
* Bamboo Rafting on Li River or Yulong River
* Trekking along the Picturesque River and Farmland
* Camping and Trekking
* Taiji Lesson
* Tea picking-up in the tea farm
* Farm work experience
* Have a Chinese Painting lesson
* Other outdoor sports like rock climbing and competitions