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Train K985 from Guilin to Kunming

Check train timetable & schedule of K985 leaving from Guilin Railway Station or Guilin North (Guilinbei) Railway Station to Kunming Railway Station, including information about arrival time, departure time, and stop time. (Updated on December 1, 2015)

 Train StationStation in ChineseArrival TimeDeparture TimeStopping Time
01Guilin North桂林北------15:50------
02Guilin桂林16:0316:118 minutes
03Liuzhou柳州18:1718:4528 minutes
04Nanning南宁21:4422:0016 minutes
05Pingguo平果00:0300:063 minutes
06Tiandong田东00:5400:573 minutes
07 Baise百色02:0002:1111 minutes
08Tianlin田林03:1003:133 minutes
09Ceheng册亨05:0005:033 minutes
10Anlong安龙05:4605:493 minutes
11Xingyi兴义06:1706:225 minutes
12 Weishe威舍07:2007:266 minutes
13Luoping罗平08:2708:314 minutes
14Shizong师宗09:2009:222 minutes
15Shilin石林10:1910:223 minutes
16 Kunming 昆明 12:36 12:36 ------
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