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Train K635 from Guilin to Kunming

Get clear about the timetable & schedule of train K635 from Guilin North (Guilinbei) Railway Station to Kunming Railway Station. (Updated on December 1, 2015)

 Train StationStation in ChineseArrival TimeDeparture TimeStopping Time
02Gutian古田08:3908:489 minutes
03Nanping南平10:0210:1614 minutes
04Sanming三明11:5812:1315 minutes
05Yongan永安13:0813:2214 minutes
06Zhangping漳平15:2215:3311 minutes
07Longyan龙岩16:5017:0212 minutes
08Guanzhaishan冠豸山18:1418:4228 minutes
09Changting长汀19:5720:003 minutes
10Ruijin瑞金20:3020:344 minutes
11Yudu于都21:2421:306 minutes
12Ganzhou赣州22:1422:2915 minutes
13Jian吉安00:3600:5519 minutes
14Jinggangshan井冈山02:2602:3812 minutes
15Hengyang衡阳06:2206:4220 minutes
16Qidong祁东07:3107:354 minutes
17Qiyang祁阳07:5407:584 minutes
18Yongzhou永州08:3008:4414 minutes
19Dongan East东安东09:0509:1712 minutes
20Guilin North桂林北11:0611:2418 minutes
21Luzhai鹿寨13:2313:274 minutes
22Liuzhou柳州14:4615:0721 minutes
23Yizhou宜州16:3016:355 minutes
24Jinchengjiang金城江17:4517:527 minutes
25Nandan南丹18:5218:586 minutes
26 Mawei麻尾19:4319:496 minutes
27Dushan独山20:4620:515 minutes
28Duyun都匀21:2721:4013 minutes
29Guiyang贵阳23:0523:3732 minutes
30Anshun安顺01:1001:2010 minutes
31Liuzhi六枝02:0402:117 minutes
32Liupanshui六盘水03:3403:4713 minutes
33Xuanwei宣威05:3705:436 minutes
34Qujing曲靖06:4106:465 minutes
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