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Train G2903 from Guilin to Shenzhen

Get clear about the timetable & schedule of high-speed train G2903 from Guilin North (GuilinBei) Railway Station to Shenzhen North (ShenzhenBei) Railway Station from below. (Updated on December 1, 2015)

 Train StationStation in ChineseArrival TimeDeparture TimeStopping Time
01 Guilin North桂林北------17:15------
02Gongcheng恭城17:5717:592 minutes
03Zhongshan West钟山西18:2018:222 minutes
04Hezhou贺州18:3218:375 minutes
05Huaiji怀集19:0519:072 minutes
06Guangning广宁19:2519:272 minutes
07Zhaoqing East肇庆东19:4319:452 minutes
08Sanshui South三水南19:5619:582 minutes
09Guangzhou South广州南20:2620:337 minutes
10Humen虎门20:5020:522 minutes
09 Shenzhen North 深圳北 21:09 21:09 ------
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