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Shopping in Guilin City

Different from other cities, shopping in Guilin could be easier and more relaxing. If you stay in the hotels at downtown like Sheraton Guilin, Waterfall Hotel or Bravo Hotel, it is a walking distance for you to go and visit the shopping districts of Guilin.

The major department stores include Nikko Nikko Do Plaza, Guilin Department Store, Wangcheng Department Store, and Dream Island Department Store, as well as Nancheng Department Store (add: 26, Lijiang Road) at the eastern part of the town. There is a Wal-Mart in the north of the city (add: 113, Zhongshan Road North). If you are interested in Chinese garments and shoes, then you can also visit Bai Gui Plaze and the underground “Little Hong Kong” Commercial District.

There are 2 famous shopping streets in Guilin, namely, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street and Xicheng Pedestrian Street. What is more, during the evening, at Xicheng Pedestrian Street and neighboring areas, there is a night market, which used to be arranged at Zhongshan Road Middle. This is a lovely place for international travelers to see the local souvenirs and get good bargains.

The popular souvenirs for international tourists are South Sea pearls, landscape paintings, handicrafts from ethnic people like embroideries.

What to buy

Guilin Landscape Painting

The landscape paintings mainly concentrate the ideal natural beauty. Traditional Chinese painting of mountains and waters will surely satisfy travelers who love Chinese cultural and arts. The beautiful mountains and waters in Guilin have attracted many famous artists since the ...


Stone Carving

The hackneyed stone carving in Guilin City is from Qingtian, the hometown of Chinese Stone Carving. With beautiful modeling and refined craftsmanship, Qingtian stone carvings are loved by many people and reputed as the Embroidery on stone. In Qingtian stone carving, fruits, flo ...


Root Carving

Root Carving, just like its name, is a kind of a handcraft using the root of wood as the material. The most important principle to follow in root carving is to make use of the natural root. This principle usually goes like this: “Three-tenths is done by man, seven-tenth is det ...