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West Street

Situated in the heart of the town, West Street is an ancient street with a history of more than 1400 years. On both sides of the street arrays immense amount of architectures with the style of Ming and Qing Dynasty. West Street is a unique "foreigners street", attracting a large number of international travelers. West Street has seen countless foreigners from all over the world and it has reputed to be "Earth Village in China". Those who have been to West Street feel at home because everyone here speaks fluent English and the restaurants and bars provide menus in several languages, which is really the biggest Foreign Language Corner. Young Western bicyclists and backpackers in International Cafes, such as Mickey Mao's, Hard Rock Café or at Lisa's Café eating apple pie, beefsteak, French fries, and ice-cream sundaes. Foreign visitors can easily find the western food what they need on this street. The whole street is filled with small shops and vendor's stands selling all kinds of souvenirs and snacks. The traditional Chinese accouterment are hung in the western-style stores such as Totemic coloring cloth, inwrought small bag, all kinds of Chinese Knots and Safety Fu (a kind of ornament blessing for safety). The profound Chinese love knot ties in every hole and corner of the street, attracting thousands of foreigners being anxious to know Chinese.

West Street is an ancient street emanating historical cultural tinge. It was here that Sun Yat-Sen made the lecture; it was here that Maestro Xu Beihong lived; it was here that makes thousands of different countries' presidents, premiers, and ministers stayed and visited. Those pieces of blue flagstone printed too much hardships and refulgence of the masters, which is the trace of China.