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Yangshuo Stuffed Snails

Yangshuo food is featured with some special local ingredients. Besides Yangshuo Beer Fish, the stuffed snails are also a signature dish of Yangshuo.

Around Guilin, the abundance of waterways and paddies fields along Li River results in a good supply of snails. These fat, juicy snails have long been a food source in the Yangshuo region. They can grow to about the size of a ping-pong ball.

The making of stuffed snails is a time-consuming process. The snails are first disgorged in clean water in order to remove any of the grit from within the shell. After a quick steaming, the fleshy insides of the snails are scooped out; and the meat is then chopped finely with a small amount of pork, ginger and mint. All of them are then stuffed back into the carefully-cleaned shells to be cooked with a mild sauce.

The stuffed snails are a most refined specialty in Yangshuo. I am sure you have never tasted this food before; Even in Guilin, you couldn't find it. Don't let the content put you off, this dish is a must-try for your Yangshuo stay. If snails are not quite your thing, there are a number of amazing "stuffed" dishes offered.