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Q:Visit the Li River on a bamboo raft or a ship?

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Li River cruise ships are designed for the majority of international tourists, which are air-conditioned, and comfortable. It is actually a 4-hour boat trip from Guilin to Yangshuo. The ships with 60-80 seats have 2-3 decks, and the upper deck is empty for passengers to view the scenery.  Lunch is included. There is one kichen at the back of every ship preparing the food during the lunch time.

Traditionally the local farmers use bamboo to make rafts as an important transport mode on the river. The present bamboo rafts sailing on the Li River are actually made of PVC tubes. The trip route goes from Yangdi to Xingping part, which is regarded as the best part of Li River. If you decide to take the raft, you need to transfer on a bus/car from Guilin to Yangdi (50km), and from Xingping to Yangshuo (27 km). It is not recommended to take the rafts during the rainy days, or in the winter. For the safety reason, the senior travelers and families with children are not suggested as well.