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Train K652 from Chengdu to Guilin

Get clear about the timetable & schedule of train K652 from Chengdu East (ChengDuDong) Railway Station to Guilin Railway Station and Guilin North (Guilinbei) Railway Station. (Updated on December 1, 2015)

 Train StationStation in ChineseArrival TimeDeparture TimeStopping Time
01Chengdu East成都东15:4215:42------
02Suining遂宁17:3517:449 minutes
03Tongnan潼南18:1718:214 minutes
04Hechuan合川18:5219:0513 minutes
05Chongqing North重庆北19:4420:2036 minutes
06Fuling涪陵22:2922:378 minutes
07Wulong武隆23:4023:5919 minutes
08Qianjiang黔江01:2501:3510 minutes
09Xiushan秀山03:1203:3220 minutes
10Tongren铜仁04:3804:446 minutes
11Huaihua怀化06:1306:3320 minutes
12Jingzhou靖州08:3208:386 minutes
13Yatunbao牙屯堡09:3309:374 minutes
14Sanjiangxian三江县10:1410:184 minutes
15Rongan融安11:1811:246 minutes
16Rongshui融水11:4711:536 minutes
17Luocheng罗城12:3212:364 minutes
18Liuzhou柳州13:4214:0927 minutes
20Guilin桂林16:5817:2022 minutes
21Guilin North桂林北17:3317:33------
There is only one pair of trains K651/K652 between Chengdu and Guilin every day. For travelers, we can offer well-arranged package tours, including Guilin Tours from Chengdu.