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High-speed train G530 from Guilin to Beijing

Get clear about the timetable & schedule of high-speed bullet Train G530 from Guilin to Beijing below. Also, travelers can take this train G530 from Guilin to other major Chinese cities like Changsha, Wuhan and Zhengzhou in China.

Train G530 departs from Guilin Railway Station at 12:07 and reach Beijing West (Beijingxi) Railway Station at 22:50. Distance between Beijing and Guilin is about 2,135 kilometers in railway length; and travelers take Train G530 from Guilin to Beijing for about 10 hours and 43 minutes. The ticket price is 2,530 yuan for a business-class seat, 1,250 yuan for a first-class seat and 806 yuan for a second-class seat. (Updated on December 1, 2015)

 Train StationStation in ChineseArrival TimeDeparture TimeStopping Time
01 Nanning East南宁东------09:20------
02 Binyang宾阳09:5009:522 minutes
03 Liuzhou柳州10:4210:486 minutes
04 YongFuNan永福南11:3411:362 minutes
05Guilin桂林11:5612:0711 minutes
06 XingAnBei兴安北12:4212:442 minutes
07QuanZhouNan全州南13:0513:072 minutes
08DongAnDong东安东13:3113:332 minutes
09Yongzhou永州13:5013:522 minutes
10Qiyang祁阳14:0814:102 minutes
11Qidong祁东14:2414:262 minutes
12Hengyang East衡阳东14:5915:034 minutes
13Changsha South长沙南15:4815:546 minutes
14Chibi North赤壁北16:4416:462 minutes
15Wuhan武汉17:2017:244 minutes
16Xinyang East信阳东18:0718:103 minutes
17Zhumadian West驻马店西18:3518:372 minutes
18Luohe West漯河西18:5518:572 minutes
19Zhengzhou East郑州东19:3219:353 minutes
20Hebi East 鹤壁东20:0720:092 minutes
21Anyang East安阳东20:2520:272 minutes
22Xingtai East邢台东20:5520:583 minutes
23Shijiazhuang石家庄21:2621:304 minutes
24Baoding East保定东22:0622:093 minutes
25Beijing West北京西22:5022:50------
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