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Train K150 from Guilin to Shanghai

Check train timetable & schedule of K150 leaving from Guilin North (Guilinbei) Railway Station to Shanghai South (Shanghainan) Railway Station, including information about arrival time, departure time, and stop time. (Updated on December 1, 2015)

 Train StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeStopping Time
02Suixi23:2223:275 minutes
03Lianjiang23:4823:535 minutes
04Hechun00:0300:085 minutes
05Luchuan01:0701:103 minutes
06Yulin01:4301:5310 minutes
07Guigang02:5302:585 minutes
08Laibin04:5404:595 minutes
09Liuzhou05:5106:1120 minutes
10Yongfu South07:3107:343 minutes
11Guilin North08:2308:4320 minutes
12Xingan North09:1909:223 minutes
13Quanzhou South10:0010:033 minutes
14Dongan East11:0011:2222 minutes
15Yongzhou11:4811:546 minutes
16 Qiyang12:4512:483 minutes
17 Qidong13:0713:103 minutes
18Hengyang14:0614:2216 minutes
19Zhuzhou16:0716:2316 minutes
20 Liling16:5316:563 minutes
21Pingxiang17:2317:274 minutes
23Yichun18:1318:163 minute
24Xinyu18:5118:543 minutes
25Zhangshu19:4219:453 minutes
26Fengcheng20:0220:075 minutes
27Yingtan21:3922:0122 minutes
28Shangrao23:1023:188 minutes
29Quzhou00:4600:559 minutes
30Jinhua01:5102:0615 minutes
31Yiwu02:4102:443 minutes
32Zhuji03:1103:143 minutes
33Hangzhou East04:0904:156 minutes
34Jiaxing05:0505:083 minutes
34Shanghai South06:1506:15------
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