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Train T382 from Guilin to Shanghai

Check train timetable & schedule of T382 from Guilin North (Guilinbei) Railway Station to Shanghai South (Shanghainan) Railway Station, including information about arrival time, departure time, and stop time. (Updated on December 1, 2015)

 Train StationStation in ChineseArrival TimeDeparture TimeStopping Time
02Shilin石林20:2520:294 minutes
03Shizong师宗21:4321:462 minutes
04Luoping罗平22:2222:264 minutes
05Weishe威舍23:2723:358 minutes
06Xingyi兴义00:0800:135 minutes
07Baise百色04:0304:2724 minutes
08Nanning南宁07:2307:4017 minutes
09Nanning East南宁东07:5408:1117 minutes
10Litang黎塘09:2909:345 minutes
11Laibin来宾10:3210:386 minutes
12Liuzhou柳州12:2012:4323 minutes
13Guilin North桂林北15:0215:1715 minutes
14Xingan North兴安北15:4915:523 minutes
15Quanzhou South全州南16:4616:504 minutes
16Dongan East东安东17:4617:493 minutes
17Yongzhou永州18:1218:186 minutes
18Qiyang祁阳18:4118:5312 minutes
19Qidong祁东19:1219:2614 minutes
20Hengyang衡阳20:2820:4618 minutes
21ChaLingNan茶陵南22:1022:155 minutes
22Jinggangshan井冈山23:2123:287 minutes
23 Yingtan 鹰潭04:0504:138 minutes
24Quzhou衢州06:3506:383 minutes
25Jinhua金华07:2707:336 minutes
26Yiwu义乌08:0308:063 minutes
27Hangzhou East杭州东09:1909:256 minutes
28Haining海宁10:0010:033 minutes
29Jiaxing嘉兴10:2510:283 minutes
30Shanghai South上海南11:3411:34------
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