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Guilin Tibet Tours

Tibet, located in the border area of southwest China, is renowned for its mand glamourous natural beauty. Because of this wide and fertile ground, a large amount of colorful cultures has been bred, especially for religion. Guilin is famous for its unparalleled Karst landscape and known as the most beautiful place under heaven. Choose one of the itineraries below and join us in the enjoyable tour!

List of Guilin Tibet Tours

  • 10-day Highlights of Guilin and Tibet Tour

    Travel with us in this tour, you'll certainly enjoy yourself in the amazing Karst scenery of Guilin. Also, you'll be deeply tempted by the flickering butter lamps, wafting incense and prostrating pilgrims in Lhasa.

  • 6-day Guilin Tibet Express

    In this tour, you'll fall in love with scenic Guilin because of its unbeatable Karst landscape. Likewise, you'll visit Lhasa, the holy city of Tibet, being a mysterious but spiritual heart of all Tibetan people.

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