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Guilin Culture Tours

Are you looking for best Guilin tours to savor Chinese culture and traditions? Guilin offers much to explore for Chinese culture lovers. You'll not only get to know the knowledge about Chinese calligraphy, painting, paper-cutting, language, etc. from your expert guide, but also you'll participate in China cultural activities and courses.

Guilin Culture Tours guarantee you an amazing cultural travel experience and an in-depth China vacation. 

List of Guilin Culture Tours

  • Guilin Culture Tour for Chinese Painting Practitioners

    “Master Pi is a great master of Chinese painting. His skills in both painting and teaching make him a unique practitioner within China. In this course, which he specifically wished it to be for non-Chinese speakers so as to increase our skills in this art form, he will give both group and one-on-one tuition. Master Pi has deliberately kept the group small as to allow for the most intense and focused learning experience. In the many times I have visited Master Pi, he has been warm, engaging and generous of his time and skill. He wishes to share his knowledge and love of his unique talent. I feel honored to have met him and deeply honored to be called a friend.” - Stephen Carroll 2019.

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