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15-day Southern China Adventure Cycling - Guilin Grand Loops

Tour Overview

This is a latest explored less travelled 2 weeks trail of cycling in southern China, with a 600km supported cycling, features a most diversified landscape and routes. It covers the Danxia landform, a UNESCO heritage at Ziyuan (or Langshan), 3000 feet lush green mountain areas, the gigantic rice terraces in Longji (or Longsheng), and the Karst landform lowland (450 feet) of Guilin’s southeast, another UNESCO heritage (2014). All of these will bring you into an in-depth cycling adventure around Guilin.

Duration: 15 Days
Tour Code: TT-034
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Tour Itinerary

This is a unique China adventure cycling route,welcome to read our cycling Guide and suggestions before starting this tour.

 Day 1  Arrival at Guilin(D)

Guilin is connected by flights with major cities in China, like Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and etc. ETC’s rep will meet you at Guilin airport and take you to your city center hotel. We’ll get together for a group meeting in the early evening and test ride the bikes before heading out for a banquet of local restaurant. (No matter you are a skilled rider or a newbie, you will be given a professional basic user manual about the bicycle we offer and the matters need attention about this tour. You will get your bicycles today and have a try with our leader of this tour.)

If your flight arrives in Guilin in the morning, you will have more free time to visit the city. An optional evening cruise through Guilin city is highly recommended.

Overnight in Guilin.

 Day 2  Guilin – Lingtian – Gaoshang - Xing'an (78km / 48miles) (B, L, D)

Today's highlights: fun-filled day, passing through university, well-preserved old houses and villages, optional hidden sacred waterfall, peaceful country road.

Cycling from Guilin to Xing'an

Cycling from Guilin to Xing'an by less travelled route

Most of the roads today are on good condition and the landscape is first-rate. Riders will see the university life of Chinese students. We have chances to see the rural market fair in a small village. Visiting the waterfall (over 50meters in height) rarely known by people is an optional today, which will be on turnoff. And if we want to visit it, we need to bike the road back to our former position for about 4KM. Then we will be challenged by an uphill biking of about 4KM and then reach Xing’an county, where the oldest canal in China is located. It was dug out in 214BC when the first emperor ruled China, and connected Guilin with central China by shipping ever since.

Overnight in Xing’an

  • Peaceful route from Guilin to Xing'an

    Always say NO to the jammed and annoying roads

  • riding bicycles is the best way to explore the world

    Well-paved and peaceful road to Xing'an

 Day 3  Xing'an – Ziyuan (80KM / 50miles) (B, L, D)

Today's highlights: deep into mountain areas, boundary of the county, climbing difficulty close to CAT.1 (tour of France).

cycling from Xing'an to Ziyuan, Guilin cycling tour

Cycling from Xing'an county to Ziyuan of Guilin

We are leaving the plains near Guilin and head for the mountains areas of Ziyuan. The average elevation here is 800m. Ziyuan is where the UNESCO Danxia landform is located. The route will be away from the main road. The traffic is very light while the sceneries are great.

Today's challenge is to take a Category 1 uphill slope (9km continuous) uphill biking in the middle of the ride. After that, it is mostly downhill or level. After the villages and the mountain pass, you will go downhill along the river till the county of Ziyuan.

Ziyuan is a place with hot springs and attracting cultures. The county is full of featured bridges and buildings, and the night scene there will completely fit your photography needs.

Overnight in Ziyuan Town

 Day 4  Ziyuan – Bajiaozhai Danxia landform Park (45KM / 28miles) (B, L, D)

Today's highlights: biking and trekking, climbing visit in the park hill.

Cycling from Ziyuan to Bajiaozhai Park

The above data is only from Ziyuan to Meixi, Bajiaozhai Park is 12KM from Meixi

We will get the park by bike around noon. After lunch we will hike into the National Park for 2-3hrs. The park is located on the border between Guangxi and Hunan province. A different landscape from the Karst hills may attract you today, and the mountain here is similar to the ones in Hunan province. Make friends with the local farmers and enjoy the family food there, and we might have an unforgettable night today.

  • unesco heritage at ziyuan the bajiaozhai danxia landform width=

    UNESCO heritage at Ziyuan, a north county of Guilin

  • sunset scenery of Bajiaozhai park

    The sunset scenery of Bajiaozhai park

Overnight in simple basic farmers' house.

 Day 5  Bajiaozhai Danxia landform Park – Longsheng hot springs (110KM / 68miles) (B, L, D)

Today's highlights: most difficult day, personal challenge, mountain areas

This is the most challenging day of the entire program. The road winds thru the mountains, valleys and along the rivers with 3 challenging slopes (around totally 25km). However, the body and soul will relax in the hot spring at the end of the day. The 110KM today is probably composed by 25km uphill biking, 40km level road and downhill for others.

After a long and tired biking today, we will stay overnight at the Hot Spring Hotel, then enjoy the luxury and comfortable hot spring water bath.

  • the wooden houses in Longsheng

    Wooden houses and local hot pepper at Longsheng

  • the terrace of Longshen

    The well-known Longsheng terraces

 Day 6  Longsheng hot springs – Longji rice terraces (70KM / 43miles)(B, L, D)

Today’s highlights: buffering day for the whole trip.

A morning soak in the hot Spring is not a bad idea. A late departure will not ruin the schedule of the day as most of the roads today are level. First 24km will be level along the river. Then you will be challenged by a few slopes. Upon arrival at the rice terraces car park and have lunch, we store up the bikes then hike uphill (1.5hr) for our lodge on the rice terraces. The ethnic people of Yao have been living here for more than 400yrs and their flamboyant red color dress is a constant theme of picture taking. Annoying groups are inevitable as the terraces are SO famous!


Overnight at hotel or wood lodge on the rice terraces

 Day 7  Longji rice terraces trekking and rest (B, L, D) 4hrs trekking

Today’s highlights: the only conventional tour for a whole day.

Today is a walking day for a break from the previous hard biking. The trekking lasts about 4hr on the mostly stone paved paths by the local villagers (walking shoes sound necessary). You will return in the afternoon and relax on the balcony while enjoying the sunset with a soothing cold drink.


We will stay overnight at hotel or wood lodge on the rice terraces. Local people live in this wooden house as it is cool in summer and warm in winter.

 Day 8  Longji Terraces – Qingshitan Reservoir (87KM / 54miles) (B, L, D)

Today’s highlights: long-distance riding, inevitable jammed national road.

After enjoying the terraces, we are back on bikes today. After a major uphill riding at the 25th km, we will head downhill out of the mountains, to the reservoir. The local fish for dinner is recommended, or a fish head with noodles gives you a particular feeling? The route today covers about 30km on national road (with a bit heavy traffic) although we have tried best to avoid it. We are hoping staying overnight at a lodge at the reservoir brings you a new feeling.


 Day 9  Qingshitan Reservoir – Guilin (55km / 34miles) (B, L)

Today’s highlights: connection from the north to the south, preparation for the biking to the south.

Today we will finish the first part of Greater Loop of the northern Guilin with a short visit to the old village of Jiangtouzhou. This village is inhabited by a famous philosopher of the Song Dynasty, Zhou Dunyi (1017 – 1073). And their consistent attention to education has produced in history, many good officials. Old houses dating back to Ming and Qing dynasties are all over with intricate wood carvings and stone carvings.

  • Cycling in the Villages of Guilin China

    Cycling through the ancient villages

  • Cycling around the Qingshitan reservoir

After the visit and trip, we will back to Guilin for rest, you will have enough time to visit some parks or relax on your own. Dinner is not included today, so try anything you like but do not take too much food with pepper. And try best to rest then stay in good shape.

Overnight in Guilin city center hotel.

 Day 10  Guilin – Huixian Wetland Areas - Yanshan (B, L, D) Optional 60KM(37miles) or 80KM(49miles)

Today’s highlights: escape from the annoying cars, wetland boat drifting and an optional isolated gorgeous reservoir.

Cycling from Guilin to Huixian Wetland areas, China cycling tour.

Unique China cyling trail that only available with Guilinholiday (of EasyTourChina)

We will start this tour by bicycling from the hotel and leaving Guilin from a less busy road. A small section of off-road trails are included today. After some small paths and villages we will arrive at Huixian country, then continue our trip to the wetland banks and take a boat and start to enjoy the splendid scenic views. You may even climb the hill to see a complete picture of the wetland. After lunch and rest, we go on our bike trip along the small path and villages to Yanshan town of Guilin and check in hotel for rest. If the group arrives at Yanshan town early, you can have an optional visit to the Garden show park of Yanshan, it’s optional and charged.

Today the tour takes to enjoy the limestone peaks, crisscrossing rivers, old bridges and ancient routes connecting villages. The difficulty level today is easy but the path crisscross the labyrinth of the small paths. Follow the leader closely.

Overnight in Yanshan town

  • Huixian Wetland Park,Guilin

    Huixian Wetland Park,Guilin

  • Biking into Huixian Westland Park,Guilin

    Cycling over the rice paddy fields.

Optional Cycling Itinerary (Total distance increases to 80KM)
Except the 37miles cycling today ends at Yanshan (totally around 4hours biking and 1-2hours for drifting on the Huixian wetland), you can also choose to have a bicycling visit to the Golden pheasant river reservoir at Luojin town. We may need to ride for a little longer distance. But the reservoir is the most beautiful one of Guilin. It is undeveloped, less polluted and for free. If your group is well equipped, efficient and skilled in cycling, think about making this reservoir into your route because this reservoir is even more beautiful than most of the charging places!

  • Undiscovered Guilin cycling routes

    Cycling in the real China, experience the local life.

  • Happy cycling in China,

    Welcome to China, you are the super star.

 Day 11  Yanshan – Putao – Baisha - Yangshuo (75KM / 46miles) (B, L, D)

Today’s highlights: well-known places, new ways to explore the hidden villages and towns, well-kept old street and town, groves and country roads.

During the journey today, you will see meandering rivers, limestone hills, rural countryside with rice paddies and mud brick houses. The amazing karst topography and peaceful country road accompany you all the way to Yangshuo. Our trip is quite different from the traditional tours by cars. The biking route today is not so simple, you will encounter macadam, unsurfaced forest-road with soil or even mud. For most of the time we will not have many chances to see groceries and our support vehicle, so do a cautious ride today. There are many elegant places worth to see. So enjoy the time on the road. We will arrive at Yangshuo before evening.


Overnight at a guesthouse in Yangshuo

 Day 12   Yangshuo (B, L)

Today’s highlights: world-famous county, leisure time and rest.

You can choose to continue your bicycle tour today with our guide to Gaotian town or any places nearby that interests you. Upon return, we will visit moon hill and climb the 900 or so stairs for a panoramic view of the surrounding farmlands and peaks. It is awesome. Or you may have a free time today. (The lunch will be included if everyone goes to the same destination)

Overnight at a guesthouse in Yangshuo. 

Cyclists and travellers will also find our suggestions and recommendations on our China cycling tour pages.

  • Classic cycling routes to Yulong River, China Yangshuo cycling,

    Cycling around Yangshuo 

  • Climb up to the Moon Hill for karst scenery

    Climb up to the Moon Hill for karst scenery

 Day 13  Yangshuo – Xingping (43KM / 27miles) (B, L, D)

Today’s highlights: comfortable route, farmland, challenge of mountain climbing.

Yangshuo cycling tour, China cycling tours

The data is only the most difficult cycling route from Yangshuo to Xingping on the western bank of the river

We start our riding today along the Li River, biking through the lanes of peaceful villages, keeping away from the dangerous tunnels and roads for cars. Enjoy a pleasant journey to Xingping, a small town located on the northeast of Yangshuo. This beautiful place is an important wharf of the Li River.

Optional hill climbing to see panoramic view of Li River
After checking in hotel at Xingping, you will have an optional choice to have a free time or go with the guide to climb the Laozhai Hill. On the top of the hill, a great panoramic view and the great bend of the Li River will definitely shock you! You need to climb over 1000 simple ladders before reaching the top of the hill. Look out for your own safety as it is a bit dangerous to walk on these wild ladders.

Overnight at a guesthouse in Xingping

  • Laozhai hill of Xingping

    Laozhai hill in Xingping

  • Xingping ancient town

    Ancinet town of Xingping,Yangshuo of Guilin 

 Day 14   Xingping – Daxu - Guilin (40KM/25miles or 77KM/48miles)(B, L, D)

Today’s highlights: second chance to see a panoramic view Li River (optional and charged and only available when choosing the whole day biking route), bamboo raft cruise or rough road and bicycle climbing up and down.

We will take a bamboo raft cruise from Xingping to Yangdi(Or Guanyan) and enjoy the most highlight sections of the Li River. Then we continue our bicycle tour from Yangdi (the starting place of the well-known trekking rout of Li River). We choose country roads that close to the nature and also to avoid the pollution from the vehicle exhaust and regular travel groups.

Optional service and itinerary (Total distance increases to 77KM/48miles)

Choosing the 40KM/25miles today is recommended, as the bamboo cruise offers you a highlight of Li River and makes you comfortable and relaxed after the long trip.

The differences between 40KM or 77KM route is based on the weather, road condition, and customer requests. The 77km one is a cycling route from Xingping – Xitang – Daxu – Guilin on the east bank of Li River, while the 40km is a firstly bamboo rafting from Xingping to Guanyan and then cycling on the western side of the Li river until back to Guilin. The 77km route is possibly affected a lot by the fast train station built in Xingping and the jammed traffic after the main national road between Guilin and Yangshuo is on rebuilding (drivers and travel groups will choose this route to Yangshuo).

If the team is strong and skilled, and looking for more exploring on the land, the cruise section can be deleted today. And we will have a whole day cycling from Xingping to Guilin (both available on eastern and western banks of the Li River)! The inland areas are of typical Karst land features which make the road rougher and harder than the other days. We shall climb up and down with our bicycles and help each other to finish the challenge today. (Note: When the Li River is flooded, no boat is allowed on river, so we will bike 77km to Guilin.)

Cycling to Yangshuo, How to cycle from Guilin to Yangshuo, Xingping cycling trip, China cycling.

Data for reference between Guilin and Xingping (Xingping - Xitang - Daxu - Guilin)

All the bicycles will be returned to us after you checking in. We will have another feast of the local specialties.

End of the Lesser Loop

Overnight at a city center hotel

 Day 15  Guilin departure or free time (B)

Our trip service ends with the breakfast today. If you want a transfer service, please book before hand with us.

Welcome to our bike rental shop in Guilin at anytime!

If you only have one week staying in Guilin,you can also experience the highlight cycling tour here

    One day cycling of Guilin and Yangshuo    Long-distance cycling of Guilin and Yangshuo

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Price Guide


2016 dates: Upon requests.

Tour starting date is available based on your requests.


per person, double occupancy

USD2280 (2-4pax),
USD1650 (5-8pax),
USD1380 (9-12pax),

Single room surcharge: USD340

This tour is available with your own bicycle and available without supporting vehicle, the price will much cheaper, however, riders should carry their own luggages during the whole trip and there is less security and more risk only cycling with the tour guide. 

Included Services: Guided
1.    14 nights' accommodation in comfortable hotels or guesthouses with twin share rooms, private bathrooms
2.    All transport from the start point to the finish point;
3.    Meals: all breakfasts, lunches and most dinners;
4.    Water and snacks whilst cycling
5.    Entrance fees as per itinerary unless stated as “optional”
6.    Our cycling leader who can fix small bike problems;
7.    Air-conditioned support vehicle & driver (minimum 2 vacation seats);
8.    Quality well-maintained mountain bikes of 27 speed front suspension;
9.    Bike tools, spare parts and a backup bike;

Not included
1.    Departure airport transfers;
2.    International airfares and airfares to Guilin and exit Guilin;
3.    Visas;
4.    Insurance*
5.    Tips, gratuities, personal expenses
6.    Helmet or cycling gear (our bike pedals are standard and may not suit you)

*Please note that obtaining your own travel insurance is required in order to participate on this biking tour. It will need to include a minimum coverage of medical expenses with emergency evacuation, personal liability and accident insurance. Our biking leader will need to see a copy of your insurance at the group meeting on the first day. We reserve the right to refuse you if you do not carry such an insurance policy.

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