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Q:Where can I buy authentic local specialties?

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For most Chinese tourists, there are “Three Treasures of Guilin”, namely, Sanhua Liquor, Fermented Bean Curd (Tofu) and Chili Sauce.

Sanhua Spirit is distilled from local rice with a high percentage of alcohol (38-56%), local people prefer the stronger types. It has won many national awards since 1950’s.

Fermented Bean Curd is commonly used as a condiment, which is widely consumed at breakfast to flavor rice and porridge, or add more flavors to the dishes when cooking. This just belongs to the culinary culture of Eastern Asia, not many Westerners can like its taste, just like some cheese to the people from other cultural background.

Chili Sauce is so popular in Guilin, as local people believe that the chili can warm up the body and keep the illness away. Therefore, chili lovers can have a try; the local sauce is quite unique.

Besides, Guilin produces a kind of dried fruit called Luo Han Guo, which has been used as Chinese herb for a long time, good for sore throat and coughing.

If you are interesting in these local specialties, Guilin Holiday recommends you to go to those big department stores or super markets to buy, like Guilin Department Store, Niko Niko Do, Nancheng Department Store, etc.

For more handicrafts or souvenirs, you can also go to Xicheng Pedestrian Street. In the evening, there is a night market. You will see hundreds of stalls lined up along the street, I am sure you will find something you like there. At the same time, you can try some local snacks like locals.