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Q:What are the currency and the ATM system in Guilin like?

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Foreign currencies cannot be used directly at the most local shops/restaurants in Guilin, but you can exchange your money at all the branches of Bank of China outlets throughout the city. You can also easily exchange your money in all the star-rated hotels. And these hotels give their guests the same money exchange rate as Bank of China. Some shops and restaurants will also exchange your money into yuan, but the rates are always lower. In Yangshuo, none of the hotels have money exchange service until now except one hotel - Green Lotus Hotel. If you need to change money, you have to go to Bank of China with your passport.

Most major hotels in Guilin will accept major credit cards. In Guilin right now, ATMs are available almost everywhere in the downtown. But it is recommended to only use ATMs of Bank of China if you are using foreign credit cards. There are also ATMs of Band of China in the lobby of two five-star hotels – Sheraton Guilin Hotel and Lijiang Waterfall Hotel.