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Q:How can I choose a good Guilin tour company / operator?

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Facing such a question, unless you’re a veteran traveler who can manage traveling alone or know Guilin well, it would be wise to opt for a good and reliable tour company. There are a number of tour companies in Guilin and most of them offer tailor-make tour packages. So how do you choose an ideal tour operator in Guilin? Here’s a list of key factors that you should consider in choosing a reliable Guilin tour company.

◎ Identify the Business License

Identifying the Business License of Guilin tour companies should be one of the most efficient methods for you to choose a reliable and experienced Guilin tour company. You can learn the license of the tour company by these ways:1. read the self-introduction on the company's website, in which all its basic info should be included. There is no excuse for any reliable travel agency to hide its development history; 2. ask the tour operator to offer its 'Travel BusinessPermit' and 'Business License'. From them, you could get the full name of the company, its registration number, address, foundation date and validation period clearly. If you can’t read Chinese, you’d better ask a friend knowing Chinese for help since the documents are shown in Chinese. To view the business license of here.

◎ By Quality

A reliable and good operator has probably been in business for at least a few years. This has given them time to build a 'track record' and to amass some negotiating clout with suppliers and has given them the corporate experience at dealing with issues and problems, so as to create their own internal systems and management procedures to help your booking go smoothly.

◎ By Payment Method

Variety of the payment method ensures the safety for both customer and travel agency itself. A reliable tour operator usually offers many payment methods, such as Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal, Western Union and so forth. In addition, a reliable tour operator also accept part/total payment on cash based on the customers’ travel duration and the urgent level of their tour date.

◎ By reviews

Go through online reviews. A large number of big and small tour operators have been reviewed online. Since people tend to exaggerate or understate when it comes to reviewing, reviews are not 100% accurate. Online reviews only help to get a general idea of the type of service being provided by a particular operator.

◎ By Reputation

You need to seek information regarding the company. You can find out how reliable an operator's services through testimonials and feedback by former customers.

◎ By Bank Account

If a company is real, definitely it has a bank account. Consult the related bank to see if there is such an operator by using its bank account.

◎ By Association, or Government Affiliations and Accreditation

It is important to know if a tour company is affiliated and accredited with some government organizations or other professional association, one such as ASTA, PATA, for instance, holds its members to a code of ethics and companies an active consumer affairs department that monitors travelers' problems and helps to find solutions. That is how you can determine if the company you are selecting is genuine or bogus.

◎ By Contact Information

If a tour company is real, usually it will have an available address and fixed telephone number. You may check if the address exists or not. Also, you may write to or call them to see if anyone replies.

◎ By Visa Services

Business tour operators in Guilin understand the needs of travelers who have business-oriented plans. From the arrangement of large group tours to first-class travel accommodations, best tour operators in Guilin, China should offer special services for potential corporate clients. A Guilin tour operator can also assist you with the documents necessary to apply for a business visa to China. Familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations that govern travel in China. A reputable Guilin travel agency should inform you of travel restrictions and how to apply for the right type of visa for your purpose.

In addition, a good tour company probably belongs to some sort of agency buying group or consortium or franchise. This gives it access to preferred rates at hotels, and gives it extra commission with other suppliers - extra commission which they might choose to share with you, or at least use to ensure you don't have to make any out-of-pocket payments to the agency as well.