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Longsheng Hot Spring Resort

  • Add: Hot Spring Resort, Jiangdi Village, Longsheng, Guilin 
    Tel: 86-4008106868
  • Locations : 112KM from airport; 110KM from railway station; 108KM from downtown; 109KM from commercial center 
    Surroundings: Longsheng Hot Spring


Longsheng Hot Spring Resort is located in the center of the nationwide AAAA level resort——Longsheng Holiday Resort. Longsheng hot-spring is located in the eastern northern 32 kilometers to Longsheng town, near the low ridge lake. It cost 40 minutes from town by bus.

The Hot Spring Resort is the only five-star hotel in Longsheng town. On one side, it’s an original forest without any artificial trace; and on the other side, it’s a modern travel infrastructure. Far from the city noise and pollution, Longsheng Holiday Resort is the best place to relax and go on a vacation.


Longsheng Hot Spring SPA Hotel has 56 five-star rating business suite, business standard room, landscape villa, and hot-spring swimming pool, VIP area. The bright and broad atmosphere, clean and comfortable rooms will make you feel like at home. It is the best place for all high quality guests.