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Yangshuo Hotels

Where to stay in Yangshuo, Yangshuo Hotels Guide

Since early 1990s, Yangshuo has witness a dramatic change from a small peaceful town to a charming travelers’ paradise. Right here different visitors can find what suits themselves, from countryside biking to a Chinese cooking class, rock climbing to bamboo rafting, Chinese Kung Fu study to bar hopping (pub crawl). It is a great place to relax for a few days during your trip to China.

There are so many options to stay in Yangshuo: from a budget dorm room to an exclusive boutique suite. Currently, more and more travelers tend to stay out of the downtown - West Street, which is always packed with the crowds of Chinese tourists, especially at weekend.

For the travelers who love nightlife and intend to see the downtown of Yangshuo, Guilin Holiday recommend Green Lotus Hotel (5 star) and Elite Garden Hotel (4 star class), both of them are in a walking distance to the West Street. Another option is Magnolia Hotel, a lovely small hotel at Yangshuo downtown.

While some hotel out of town are more interesting with unique features, the ones Guilin Holiday clients really like include Secret Garden Boutique Hotel (Jiuxian), Moon Dance Resort, Yangshuo Mountain Resort, Li River Retreat, also topped the rank on tripadvisor. There are other two luxury resort hotels called Yangshuo Resort and Ikkyo Resort, which have very impressive locations and comfortable facilities. But for some Euro-American tourists, they would feel these hotels are catering more to the needs of Chinese high-end tourists as the food is not western style, beds are quite hard, and hotel service are not up to the international standards.

For the budget travelers, there are hundreds of hostels, guesthouses either at downtown or in the countryside. If you don’t like the noise in the evening, please choose your accommodation located away from the West Street or sidewalk restaurants (the drunk people or Chinese wine game players may create lots of noises to bother you at mid night). In winter during the low season, you may get good bargain rates if you are patient enough to negotiate with the local hotel owners.