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Where to stay in Longsheng – Longsheng Hotels Guide

Nestled in the mountains, Longsheng is a county located in the northwest of Guilin region. The real charm of this town lies at the two major travel destinations, namely, Longji Rice Terraces Scenic Area and Hot Spring Resort Area.

Longji Rice Terraces Scenic Area is undoubtedly the most favorite place in Longsheng for the international travelers. The stunning rice terraces, well-kept minority culture and typical Chinese rural atmosphere are all the perfect reasons for tourists to stay here a couple of nights. There are two villages good for the overnight stay: Ping An Zhuang Village and Tiantouzhai/Dazhai Yao Village. For those walking fans, you can choose to walk from one side to another, or vice versa, which takes about 4-4.5 hours on foot.

If you want to find an idea place to sleep in these villages, we suggest you may lower your expectation first. As you know, they are located on big mountains, at least 2.5 hours’ ride from a nearby city. Even after your arrival at the nearest car park, you have to walk about 30 minutes to get to the guesthouse via the mountain trail. So it is a tough and costly job to build up a hotel here. You can’t expect too much as you do in the city.

At Ping An Village, we would recommend the middle-range guesthouses like Liqing Hotel, Star Wish Resort, or Ping An Hotel. There is a boutique hotel called Li'an Lodge for high-end travelers built by an overseas Chinese Mr. Keren Su, which offers a fantastic views and unique culture experience in this tasteful lodge. On tripadvisor, other two family-run hotels called Baike Hotel and Longji One Hotel also got good feedback from the travelers’ comments.

Tiantouzhai/Dazhai Village of Yao people is located further up on the mountain area. The most comfortable hotel currently is Panorama House Hotel, the original wooden building caught fire and burned down in 2010, a completely brand new hotel built in concrete after that, which can roughly meet the standards of - 4 star hotels. The downside of this hotel is that the clients have to walk 1.5 hours to get there. It is definitely not convenient to carry big suitcases to go that high. Possibly in a couple of years the locals will build a car park nearby to save half of the walking time. Other guesthouses like Jinkeng Hotel, and Jintian Hotel are quite basic, the staff speak very limited English. Usually they can’t offer western style breakfast.

For the Hot Spring Resort Area, you can stay at Hot Spring Spa Hotel and Hot Spring Center Hotel, which were the projects developed by the Guilin Tourism Corporation Limited catering to the needs of hot spring goers. The previous one is claimed to be the 5-star class, and later 4 star class, while they may not meet the international standards. The rooms and other facilities are quite fine, while the staff do not have a good command of English since they seldom serve the Western tourists, therefore, western breakfast is usually not available.

When the clients are traveling to these remote areas, Guilin Holiday team will always give them valuable travel tips and assistance. We are here, whom you can rely on.