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Where to stay in Xing’an, Xing’an Hotels Guide

Located in the north of Guangxi Zhuan Autonomous Region, Xing'an is under the administration of Guilin City. Being a small town nestled at the foot of Mao’er Mount, Xingan is unknown to many westerners. But there is a famous ancient water project right here, which is claimed as one of the oldest existing canal in the world – Ling Canal. Beside, there is a big theme park called Merryland together with a golf resort and 5-star hotel in this complex.

In Xing'an, we recommend Merryland Resort Hotel as the high-end accommodation for tourists, which is good for family travelers as there is an amusement park next door. It is also a wonderful choice for golf goers to play golf at a hilly course with 27 international standard holes and a total fairway length of 10,554 yards.

For the middle range hotels, Dihao Hotel (close to Merryland Resort) and Ze Lin Hotel Xing’an (a walking distance to Ling Canal) are good options, please kindly note that very few westerns visit this place, therefore, most of the hotel staff in this small town can’t speak English, but usually they are helpful and friendly to foreigners. For budget travelers, they can choose to stay at Water Street Guesthouse (a stone throw to the Ling Canal) and City Comfort Inn at Zhilin Road (downtown, close to Merryland Resort).

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