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Train T382 from Kunming to Guilin

Get clear about the timetable & schedule of train T382 from Kunming Railway Station to Guilin North (Guilinbei) Railway Station. (Updated on December 1, 2015)

 Train StationStation in ChineseArrival TimeDeparture TimeStopping Time
02Shilin石林20:2520:294 minutes
03Shizong师宗21:4321:463 minutes
04Luoping罗平22:2222:264 minutes
05 Weishe威舍23:2723:358 minutes
06Xingyi兴义00:0800:135 minutes
07Baishe百色04:0304:2724 minutes
08Nanning南宁07:2307:4017 minutes
09Nanning East南宁07:5408:1117 minutes
10Litang黎塘09:2909:345 minutes
11 Laibin来宾10:3210:386 minutes
12Liuzhou柳州12:2012:4323 minutes
13Guilin North桂林北15:0215:1715 minutes
14Xingan North兴安北15:4915:523 minutes
15Quanzhou South全州南16:4616:504 minutes
16Dongan East东安东17:4617:593 minutes
17Yongzhou永州18:1218:186 minutes
18Qiyang祁阳18:4118:5312 minutes
19Qidong祁东19:1219:2614 minutes
20Hengyang衡阳20:2820:4618 minutes
21Changling South茶陵南22:1022:155 minutes
22Jinggangshan井冈山23:2123:287 minutes
23Yingtan鹰潭04:0504:138 minutes
24Quzhou衢州06:3506:383 minutes
25Jinhua金华07:2707:336 minutes
26Yiwu义乌08:0308:063 minutes
27Hangzhou East杭州东09:1909:256 minutes
28Haining海宁10:0010:033 minutes
29Jiaxing嘉兴10:2510:283 minutes
30Shanghai South上海南11:3411:34------
There are three pairs of trains between Kunming and Guilin every day - K635/K636, T381/T382, and K985/K986. Please check Trains from Kunming to Guilin and Trains from Guilin to Kunming.

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