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Train K636 from Kunming to Guilin

Get clear about the timetable & schedule of train K636 from Kunming Railway Station to Guilin North (Guilinbei) Railway Station. (Updated on December 1, 2015)

 Train StationStation in ChineseArrival TimeDeparture TimeStopping Time
01 Kunming 昆明 ------ 19:03 ------
02Qujing曲靖20:4420:539 minutes
03Xuanwei宣威22:0022:077 minutes
04Liupanshui六盘水23:4423:5612 minutes
05Liuzhi六枝01:0701:2316 minutes
06Anshun安顺02:0702:125 minutes
07Guiyang贵阳03:2703:4619 minutes
08Duyun都匀05:2905:4617 minutes
09 Dushan独山06:2706:347 minutes
10 Mawei麻尾08:1808:257 minutes
11Nandan南丹09:0209:064 minutes
12Jinchengjiang金城江10:0210:119 minutes
13宜州Yizhou11:0811:157 minutes
14Liuzhou柳州13:0513:3732 minutes
15Luzhai鹿寨14:1414:184 minutes
16 Guilin North 桂林北 17:42 18:06 24 minutes
17Quanzhou South全州南20:1020:133 minutes
18Yongzhou永州21:2021:4424 minutes
19Qiyang祁阳22:0722:103 minutes
20Qidong祁东22:2922:323 minutes
21Hengyang衡阳23:3300:0128 minutes
22Jinggangshan井冈山02:3602:415 minutes
23Ji'an吉安03:3904:1536 minutes
24Ganzhou赣州06:3206:5523 minutes
25Yudu于都08:2508:305 minutes
26Ruijin瑞金09:3109:354 minutes
27Changting长汀10:1210:153 minutes
28Guanzhaishan冠豸山11:1011:188 minutes
29Longyan龙岩12:4312:518 minutes
30Zhangping漳平14:1714:3114 minutes
31Yongan永安16:5517:1520 minutes
32Sanming三明18:0918:156 minutes
33Nanping南平19:5520:038 minutes
There are three pairs of trains between Kunming and Guilin every day - K635/K636, T381/T382, and K985/K986. Please check Trains from Kunming to Guilin and Trains from Guilin to Kunming.

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