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How to Find Some Places for Entertainment in Guilin


As a senior Guiliner,I'd like to share some placese with you for

entertaiment and relaxing.


Here goes the best place for bikers.Yao Mountain's second to

none.This is the only mountain with a road winding up towards the mountaintop

for vehicles.It's similar to racing track to some degree.At weekend

nights,plenty of motorbike/bike groups assemble on the mountaintop drinking

bear,having a picnic,flaunting their vehicles,racing up&downhills!You can

also walk to the top in daytime,it's an excellent way doing



For me,I keep a dog.A place for puppy to

release its energy becomes a necessarity.So I find some places where puppies

gather.The Guilin Botanical Gardon is on the list.Normally,gardons and parks

disallow your puppy.Thus,the square near the Botanical Gardon attracts plenty of

people who take a dog.Almost every evening after dinner,I go there with my girl

friend & my dog,just watching the puppies chasing,playing.

Another listed place is Da Xu ancient town.I rate it as

the most cosy place for a sunny afternoon.About 40mins-drive away from

downtown,the town lies right beside the Li River.And that's not the point,the

point is large area of verdant grass welcoming people for free!Can you

imagine,lying down in the green with you lover,beautiful sunshine dancing on

your skin,shimmering reflection from water taking you into another

dreamland.Right as such a warm-hearted afternoon,makes me believe that life is



There're many more brilliant places waiting us in Guilin.Guilin is

small,but it's never hard to find joys.Just travel and see with your

mind,something unexpected will come into your


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