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Guilin Tour Journal


During these days, it is chilly cold in Guilin. Thus, nothing can beats soaking in a hot spring for a winter day. On Feburary 9, my friend May and I set off from Guilin city, and it took us about 2 hours to the Longsheng Bus Station. Next came a 50-minute drive to Longsheng Hot Spring Resort. The resort has few hotels, looking good and worth a stay. We walked into a hotel and check in with a standard room. We ...


In late September, our General Manager Wei Wu have made his journey to Danxia National Geological Park of Ziyuan County in northeast part of Guilin. One gets used to the scenery he or she grows up with and take it for granted. I grew up in south Guilin and frequented the hills nearby, climbing the cliffs, chasing the mountain goats and fetching water from the local well for my gold fish, all without knowing that th ...

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