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January often mark the end of one year to Chinese people, before Chinese New Year. Always, it is a tradition for our company to hold a year-end party. On January 13, we gathered for this annual event at Zhaoxing, a pretty Dong minority town in southeast Guizhou.Zhaoxing was a remote destination in my mind. Now from Guilin, bullet trains will take you to Congjiang Station first - in just an hour - along Guiyang-Guan ...


January often mark the end of one year to Chinese people, before Chinese Spring Festival. There came our annual company year-end party; and as winter is also here, hot spring could not be more appealing. When they met in late January, our company end-of-the-year 2015 could be so "HOT". We all know that Longsheng is famous for the spectacular Longji Terraced Fields. Yet, do not miss its natural hot spring just 3 ...


Travelers looking to go from Guilin to Sanjiang in South China's Guangxi region will now be able to make the trip in just 32 minute by bullet train, versus the previous 4 hours by bus. Here comes the chance for us! There were about two weeks before Chinese Spring Festival. At the time of each year, it is customary for our company to hold a nianhui or year-end party every year. So we went on a 2-day weekend trip to ...


Yangshuo, not just for sightseeing, is also a paradise for outdoor activities. There are weeks of explorations, including hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking and much more. So it's certainly a worthwhile destination for any type of tour. For our company, corporate travel always come as an incentive to our hard-working. In late August, we went on a 2-day motivational weekend trip to Xingping, Yangshuo. Xingping ...


Come the end of each year, it is an important tradition for our EasyTourChina team to hold a year-end party. On January 8, just about three weeks before Chinese New Year, we gathered for this annual company event at Jinzhongshan Tourism & Holiday Resort, 48 km north of Guilin city. The 7-square-kilometers Jinzhongshan Resort blends nature, leisure and longevity culture in harmony. The main sights include k ...


Autumn is never dull in Guilin. This is the season when autumn unfolds her brilliant reds, golds, and others under a warm sun. To catch an eyeful of colored autumnal scenery, people needn't go far from Guilin. On November 30, we went on a weekend trip to Wujiu Island, just 45-minute drive away from downtown. Wow, let's catch the end tail of autumn!Actually, Wujiu Island is a river bank, where Chinese tallow trees h ...


Looking for a COOL weekend getaway this summer? Many parts of China have been experiencing long-lasting scorching hot weather since July. The rural villages in Guilin countryside area are favoured as the summer resorts to enjoy the coolness. In mid-July, our company went on a prefect weekend trip to Huangmei Village, a quiet retreat near Guilin. Huangmei Village is located in a valley of Dongjiang River in Lin ...

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