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Guilin Food & Restaurant


Possibly the famous Jiaozi needs no introduction; and how about Egg Wrapped Dumplings? It is a popular traditional stuffed food in Yangshuo. Instead of being wrapped in doug, the fillings are wrapped in fried egg. These egg-wrapped dumplings are like mini omelets with some stuffing. If you travel to Yangshuo, they can be served as a delicious local treat. Also there are chances to try your hand at this dish in a co ...


Pork Stuffed with Pomelo Peel has long been a traditional specialty of Yangshuo, thanks to the locally produced pomelos or shaddock (sha tian you沙田柚in Chinese). There are a large number of pomelo orchards around Yangshuo. When they are ripe around early October, pomelos have the size of a small football - yellow or greenish of color. This large fruit has a very thick skin, and inside the flesh is covered with a ...


If you plan to travel in Yangshuo, there are good chances to try some local delicacies, like the well-known beer fish. Also, a wide variety of stuffed dishes - called Niang 酿 in Chinese - are also a great treat for your stay. Consider the dumpling, minced meat and greet vegetables as the fillings are wrapped in some kind of dough. Why not appy the idea to stuff other things? That's just what Yangshuo people was th ...


Guilin literally means "forest of Sweet Osmanthus" in Chinese; Gui 桂 - sweet osmanthus, and Lin 林 = forest. The evergreen Osmanthus trees grows everywhere in and around the city. Autumn is the season of the sweet osmanthus. The blossoms grow in small bunches and give off a rich, heady perfume. Naturally, the locals have a passion for sweet osmanthus, and its flowers have been widely used into the cooking.Chinese ...


There is no exaggeration to say that most locals in Guilin start their breakfast with a bowl of Guilin mi fen (Rice noodles); And, it is easy to find a noodle restaurant within 100 m of any town or city area. You don't even need to ask someone whether it's good or not. This dish has withstood the test of time since its development in the Qin Dynasty over 2000 years ago - and to this day it is known throughout China ...


Besides the spectacular Longji Rice Terraces, Longsheng is also well-known for its colorful ethnic culture. The cuisine in Longsheng is featured with various and strong flavor of the local ethnic minority groups. A special local dish - rice steamed in bamboo, of Ping'an Zhuang village, would be highly recommended. Ping'an is a Zhuang minority village high up in the mountains surrounded by spectacular Longji Ri ...


No visit to Guilin is complete without tasting some of the local food. Besides its unique karst landscape, Guilin's local cuisine is quite special. The 3 delicacies below are highly recommended for your Guilin tours. Guilin Rice NoodlesGuilin rice noodles are the No.1 breakfast choice for the local people of the Guilin area. The noodles are made from rice flour, either round or flat. They are cooked in boiling wate ...

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