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Folktale of The Guilin Symbol--Elephant Trunk Hill

Category: Chinese Culture

Long time ago, the Jade Emperor came to Southern China as a patrol with his heaven-troops. At that time, Guilin symbol was not a hill at all, it's a vivid and real divine elephant.

Unfortunately, our protagonist(I mean the elephant) got ill and could hardly move a step when passing through Guilin. The Jade Emperor was furious about its useless and abandoned the elephant at once. Thanks for his choice but not his cruelty, the elephant helped farmers ploughing and earned a great harvest every year, because the residents in Guilin heal it.

But good things wouldn't last too long, the Jade Emperor heard about what the elephant done and got angry again! "Kill!" Emperor said. No one could disobey his will, so one killer was sent from the heaven to end its life. What's unexpected is the elephant stubbornness and resistance kept it fighting against the killer for months. Maybe it's the power of love given by Guilin people supporting the elephant against the killer and it never escaped.

But, tragedy happened, the elephant was stabbed by a sword right from its head through body when he's drinking water at the bank of Li River. Then, came the Elephant Trunk Hill.In memory of the contribution that the elephant did, also in honor of its spirit that inspired us, we regarded the Elephant Trunk Hill as our city symbol.

Wooops! A long story for me!After typing this story, I suddenly understand we have unitive and brave culture-root. That's the most important thing keeps a nation never die!

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