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“Golden Pheasant Dance” of Miao Ethnic Minority

Category: Chinese Culture

Last week, I was very lucky to see the traditional miao ethnic minority activity in Danzhai county on the last day of Chinese new year---the Golden Pheasant Dance.

The Golden Pheasant Dance originating from Paidiao town is known as the NO.1 Pheasant Dance of the world. It's an ancient custom kept to today of Miao minority. Only in some very important festivals, such as Spring Festival, worship, wedding, welcoming VIP, can tourists see such a fabulous dance. Girls and women live in the town wear traditional costumes decorated with gorgeous silver pendants. Boys and men blow reed-pipe instruments. People dancing to the music in fixed dance steps looks orderly and happily.

The beautiful legend of golden pheasant says that an old man of miao minority once catched a golden pheasant with a little pack on it. He threw the pack besides a pile of ash where finally came out some millets. He's very surprised and continued to plow the wilderness and sow the seeds of millets which next year saved the lives of miao minority ancestors. Thereafter, miao ancestors regarded golden pheasant as their lucky star and immortal idol.

Silver crown-like hats, silver bracelets, earings & necklaces, colorful cloth strips, up-towards bottoms, short skirts revealing long legs. All above showcase vivid and lively golden pheasants to our eyes!

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