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Indigo Boutique Lodge in Zhaoxing


Last month, We spent a week in Guilzhou for our company’s inspection-tour. The Indigo Boutique Lodge is the most impressive accommodation for us during the tour span.

The lodge is a totally wooden house located in Zhaoxing Village, Guizhou. A limpid brook right penetrates through this small village where a mass of Dong ethnic minority people settle. Life is pacific. In the morning women wash their hairs, clothes along the river. We saw villagers making indigo cloths outdoors, hanging the long smooth indigo cloths on the bamboo poles fixed outside the balconies. Since, the hotel got its name “Indigo” featuring the unique color or the most characteristic cloth there.(Hereinafter we call the hotel “Indigo”)

We only stayed one night in Indigo, but the cleanness, brightness and environment-friendliness of the room was really stuck in our hearts. I stayed in a double room which is about 40 square meters with my college. The spacious room is lightened up by several shining bulbs inlayed in the ceiling. All are woods decoration, including the wall, the ceiling and the floor. The bathroom has an enclosing bath set, which looks modern and likesome. A computer is equipped in the room and WiFi is available also.

We had breakfast at the lounge on the first floor. Though they can only offer pancake as western food, cuz it’s just a remote small village in China, the girl-receptionist is quite sweet. Next time, if you have chance to visit Zhaoxing, please lodge in Indigo for one night, you’ll find something out of your expectation!

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