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Ceremony of Worshipping Goddess Sa Held in Longsheng County


On March 26, 2013, the annual ceremony of worshipping Goddess Sa was held in Baozeng village, Longsheng county. It's so significant that the local villagers value it the most except the Lunar New Year's Day among all the festivals they celebrate.

Goddess Sa is worshipped as the symbol of the greatest wishes and lofty spirits by Dong people. According to the legend, Sa protected the Dong people against the intruders and finally died by jumping off the cliff. Afterwards, Dong people set up sacrificial altars in memory of her extraordinary bravery and fearless self-sacrifice.

Dong people danced, sang and sacrificed animals to Goddess Sa just to pray that she can bless and protect the village. On the same day, after the ceremony came the “Hundreds-Family Banquet”. Numbers of tables were lined along the streets and the big feast was kicked off at 2:30 pm and lasted to dusk.

The ceremony is fixedly held on the first Mao day of February by lunar calendar. So, plan your itinerary in advance, and never miss out such a gala of Dong people. The hospitable Dong people will show their warmest welcome to friends all over the world!

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