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Our summer weekend trip to Huangmei Village in July, 2013

Category: Company Life

Looking for a COOL weekend getaway this summer? Many parts of China have been experiencing long-lasting scorching hot weather since July. The rural villages in Guilin countryside area are favoured as the summer resorts to enjoy the coolness. In mid-July, our company went on a prefect weekend trip to Huangmei Village, a quiet retreat near Guilin. 

Huangmei Village is located in a valley of Dongjiang River in Lingchuan Country, about 50 km away from Guilin downtown. The rolling mountains, lush forests and flowing river water make it a cool place to avoid the heat. On both sides of the river, there are dozens of hotels run by the local farmers. They are often called "happy farmer house" or nong jia le in Chinese - a product of Guilin countryside tourism economy. The local farmers have transformed the village into a countryside retreat for city dwellers.

Upon arrival, we got refreshed by the fresh air, the ripple of the stream, and the bird songs in an atmosphere of calm. All of these came as a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. Excitedly, the valley is almost like a large and natural playground. For such an enegetic team like us, a series of exciting outdoor activities can't be missed, including swimming competition, water fights and much more. And, drifting along the river is highly recommended in the summertime. 

Moreover, the village provides a close-to-nature organic lifestyle. In the morning, woke up to the cocks crowing. And then, walk up a mountain road, and we were greeted with verdant bamboo groves, chirping of birds and the sound of water flowing. The back-to-nature feel is unmistakable. For dining, we decided to go native and sample the local cuisine, based on the home-grown ingredients. Wow, very delicious!

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