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Vegetarian Restaurants in Guilin


It is often difficult to eat out in China as a vegetarian who doesn't speak Chinese. For a Guilin travel, whether or not you are a veggie, there are some great vegetarian restaurant options to refresh yourself.

Nengren Vegetarian Restaurant

This vegetarian restaurant is attached to a Buddhist temple - Nengren Temple, and got its name, thus. The dining-room is spacious but far less loud than in other restaurants. Chinese-style vegetarian food, with some truly unbelievable mock meat dishes, are offered there. The menu is only available in Chinese, but pictures displayed would offer some help.
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-1:30pm, 5-8pm.
Location: Near the bus stop Lijun Road (丽君路) of Guilin downtown

Vegan dish in Nengren Vegetarian Restaurant

Tian Fu Lou Vegetarian Restaurant

Nestle among Mulong Lake Scenic Spot, there is nicely decorated vegetarian restaurant called Tianfulou. The daily lunch and dinner buffet costs under 40 RMB. Don't miss try the Guilin specialty youcha. Also, a-la- carte dishes, full of the bright tastes and textures, are served in private rooms on the second floor. Buddhist music creates an enchanting atmosphere in which the diners really get refreshment.
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-2pm, 5:15-8:30pm.
Location: Mulong Lake Scenic Spot

Buffet in Tian Fu Lou Vegetarian Restaurant

Tian Fu Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant

Nearby Chuanshan Hill Park, Tian Fu Yuan is modeled after another vegetarian restaurant in Guilin - Tianfulou. The buffet on the first floor serves a wide range of vegetarian food. This is really fine cooking with a lot of finesse in the flavour. Vegetables and doufu are skillfully paired to create an delicious dishes. For guests, the affordable will keep you coming back for more.
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday, 11am-1pm and 5-8pm
Location: Chuanshan Hill Park

Tian Fu Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant  Vegetarian food in Tian Fu Yuan

Yangshuo Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Pure Lotus is the only dedicated vegetarian restaurant in Yangshuo, an hour away from Guilin. Stylishly fitted out with antique furnishings, the zen-like interior creat a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Specialties include braised tofu and mushrooms and steamed bamboo fungus, and many others. There was English on the menu, along with pictures, so that made order nice and easy. Innovative vegetarian cuisines and atmosphere carefully blended for a special dining experience. Definitely recommended.
Opening hours:11:00 am-11:00 pm
Location: a 5-minute walk away from West Street, Yangshuo

Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant  Vegetarian cuisine in Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

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