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Top 3 sites for spring flowers in Guilin


Spring announces its arrival in Guilin with a blanket of pink, yellow and white blossoms spreading over the city. Peach blossom, cole flowers, and Cherry blossoms bloom from late Feburary when the air is still cool. Certainly, Spring flowers will cheer us up after we've survived the long winter! Moreover, Guilin sees a host of festivals take place in March or April. If you have plans to travel to Guilin, China, spare a little extra time to admire the season's color.

Tulips Flower Show

The tulip flower show within Zizhou Park has been a annual event in Guilin since 2011. This year, tens of thousands of tulips are are scheduled to be displayed in three times, namely, Spring Festival, Valentine's Day and Women's Day. Visitors can enjoy the sight of many rare breeds, including the black tulip - "Queen of Night", among over 50 species.
Time: early Feburary - late March
Place: Guilin Zizhou Park, Guilin downtown

Tulips within Zizhou Park,Guilin

Gongcheng Peach Blossom Festival

In Springtime, Gongcheng county boasts a splendid landscape as the peach blossom burst into bloom on Daling Mountain Peach Garden. Within, a 2,000 metres peach-tree-lined road leads visitors to admire such a fantastic sight. Concurrently, Gongcheng Oil Tea Culture Festival takes place. Don't miss to taste the special oil tea and watch folk performance of Yao minority there. 
Time: March
Place: Daling Mountain Peach Garden, Gongcheng County, Guilin

Gongcheng Peach Blossom Festival,Guilin

Guilin Cherry Blossom Festival

Nanxi Mountain Park is the largest cherry tree park in Guilin. In early April, the cherry tree flowers are in full bloom, and the park is set to hold its yearly Cherry Blossoms Festival. Various art performances, arranged by college students, include dancing, singing, Kong-fu and fashion shows.
Time: late March - early April
Place: Nanxi Mountain Park, Guilin downtown

Guilin Cherry Blossom Festival

Not just the ones listed above, people can appreciate Magnolia flower near Guihu Lake in Guilin downtn, take a bike ride amidst the glorious cole flowers in Yangshuo countryside, or climb up to Yao mountain for the seasonal azalea flowers.

  • Asked by Frah
    2017-12-25 10:08
    when is the best time to see cherry blossom in Guilin 2018? Thanks
    Answered by Karen
    2017-12-25 15:50
    Dear Frah,

    Thanks for contacting

    Cherry blossom opening dates vary every year. Changes in weather conditions have an impact on the time of flowering, advancing or delaying the appearance of cherry blossoms.Generally, cherry tree blooming occurs between early March and early April in Guilin; then late March is the best time to enjoy cherry blossom.

    Have a great day there,

  • Asked by tony mdy
    2016-11-11 14:07
    hi..when is the best time to see cherry blossom in Guilin year 2017? and is there still a yearly event for this?
    thank you
    Answered by Karen
    2016-11-16 10:26
    Hello Tony,

    Thanks for contacting Guilin Holiday.

    We are very pleased to be of service to you. Guilin Cherry Blossom Festival is a yearly event at Nanxi Mountain Park. Normally, early April is a good time to enjoy cherry blossom there.

    Have a nice day there!
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