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Train Travel in China (Ⅰ) - Know the types of Chinese Trains

Trains are the primary mode of transportation in China - cheap, safe and comfortable. Passenger travelers can reach to any destination by train in China. What's more, traveling by train provides a chance to watch the landscape and get to know fellow travelers. Plan to start a train journey?

Firstly, get to know what Chinese trains actually is like. Take these trains between Beijing and Guilin - G529/530, G421/422, K21/22, T5/6, T285/286, K157/159 - for example. There are several train types for your choice.

G Trains:

High-Speed Electric Multiple Units (EMU) Train, Gaotie in Chinese.
It's currently the most comfortable, most expensive and fastest long distance train in the Chinese rail network. G trains travel at a top speed of 350 km/h and are the quickest way to travel between Beijing and Guilin.

C Trains:  

Intercity EMU Train,Chengji Lie Che (城际列车) in Chinese
C trains link nearby cities rather than distant locations but are just as quick and comfortable the Gaotie. They travel at a top speed of 350 km/h and boast air conditioned carriages and Western-style toilets.

D Trains:

Electric Multiple Units or Dongche in Chinese
Also called Hexiehao, meaning Harmony in Chinese, these bullet trains were until recently the fastest trains in China. D trains travel at a top speed of 250 km/h and are both modern and comfortable.

Z Trains:

Direct Express Train, Zhida (直达) in Chinese
While not all Z trains are direct they are faster and make fewer stops than T and K trains, as well as those identified by a four-digit number. The top speed of Z-trains is 160km/h, which is the most efficient transport for long-distance travel except of the EMU trains.

T Trains:

Express Train, Tekuai (特快) in Chinese
T trains are comfortable and have air conditioning yet are slower, more crowded and less modern than high speed and direct trains.

K Trains:

Fast Train, Kuaiche (快车) in Chinese
K trains travel at a top speed of 122 km/h, having more stops than the T-trains. The K-series of trains is equipped with air-condition and the four classes of train berths.
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