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Our company annual year-end party 2014 to Sanjiang

Category: Company Life

Travelers looking to go from Guilin to Sanjiang in South China's Guangxi region will now be able to make the trip in just 32 minute by bullet train, versus the previous 4 hours by bus. Here comes the chance for us! There were about two weeks before Chinese Spring Festival. At the time of each year, it is customary for our company to hold a nianhui or year-end party every year. So we went on a 2-day weekend trip to Sanjiang for this annual company event.

We took the bullet train D3522 from Guilin to head for Sanjiang South Railway Station, and then change the bus for 30-minute drive to reach the River View Hotel in Sanjiang township.

Our year-end party started with Mr Wei Wu, the General Manager giving his opening speech, followed with department managers. They summarized 2014's work, express their gratitude to employees and motivate the passion for next year's work. After that, staffs were rewarded with year-end bonuses for their hard works. Soon, it was time to have dinner. For the upcoming Goat Year 2015, we toasted and sent our wishes to each other.

The time after dinner was given over to the Performance & Prizes contest. Our company values teamwork, and a series of cooperative activites can't be missed. We were divided into five groups, and prizes would be awarded to the group performance. Each group needs to cooperate well to win; and meantime, it offer a good chance to show one's talent. Finally, there came to the exciting "lucky draw" of cash prizes. All the time the party proceeded in a hilarious atmosphere.

Happy time really flies; and still, our trip would go the next day. Sanjiang is the only autonomous county of Dong ethnic group in Guangxi, China. There are 108 "wind and rain" bridges and 159 drum towers in the county, among them Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge and Mapang Drum Tower are the most famous. Few sights are in the township; however, the surrounding Dong villages certainly attract travelers by way of their strong Dong culture.

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