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Affordable Luxury: Guilin & Yangshuo Helicopter Tour

Dramatic Karst landscape, primitive yet lush countryside and stunning Li River scenery combine to make Guilin a perfect destination for scenic helicopter tours. From the air, you’ll have a full view of Guilin’s big-name tourist attractions and Yangshuo’s picturesque countryside - without big budget!

Guilin Helicopter Tours are operated by Guilin Tonghang Co., Ltd. and HNA (Hainan Airlines), and served by an AS350B3 helicopter or a R44 helicopter.

The Cruising Routes:
A. Guilin Sightseeing Flying Tour
Highlights: Reed Flute Cave - Yanshan Bridge – Li River - Leipi Hill – Mopan Mountain - Reed Flute Cave
Duration: 5 minutes

B. Guilin City Highlights Flying Tour

Highlights: Reed Flute Cave - Two Rivers & Four Lakes – Yushan Park – Fubo Hill – Seven Star Park – Elephant Trunk Hill Park – Chuanshan Park – West Hill Park - Reed Flute Cave
Duration: 15 minutes

C. Panorama of Guilin & Yangshuo Flying Tour
Highlights: Reed Flute Cave - Wooden Dragon Lake - Elephant Trunk Hill - Li River – Jingping Hill - Mopan Mountain - Crown Cave - Reed Flute Cave
Duration: 30 minutes

D. Tailor-made Guilin Helicopter Tour

Departure in Guilin, your customized air travel can extend out for up to 120 km, and transfer you to the dating sites or airport. There’s chance to create a flight itinerary based on your interests – an aerial photography trip or a romantic mile-high wedding.
Duration: 60 minutes
  • Asked by sergio
    2017-04-08 20:23
    Hello my name is Sergio,

    I would like to do a helicopter tour around Yangshuo and to be able to see the sunset and its wonderful places. It would be for two people, we could tell you how much it would cost.

    Thank you
    Answered by Karen
    2017-04-11 20:19
    Hello Sergio,

    Thanks for contacting

    We are more than happy to be of service to you. Regarding your enquiry, our travel specialist will get in touch with you via Email sion.

    Have a great time there,

  • Asked by Cedric
    2016-03-13 21:55
    Hi there, I am curious about the quotations for the helicopter flights in the first week of May. As I could not find them on any site. Thank you in advance.

    Answered by Yuri Yu
    2016-03-14 10:45
    Dear Cedric,

    Thanks for contacting

    We are so glad to be of service to you. Regarding the helicopter tour in Guilin, our travel specialist will be in touch with you soon via email.

    Have a nice time there.
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