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Yangshuo Railway Station put into service from January 24, 2016


The newly-built railway station in the world-renowned tourist resort of Yangshuo, along Guiyang-Guangzhou High Speed Railway (HSR), has been put into service on January 24, 2016. This marks the beginning of Yangshuo's high-speed rail era.

Yangshuo Railway Station

Now 8.5 pairs of D-series CRH (China Railway High-speed) trains are operated to and fro the station every day. Destinations offered by these trains include Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin and Hezhou in Guangxi region. For the moment, passengers from other cities wishing to travel to Yangshuo have to change trains at Guilin.

High-speed trains at Yangshuo Railway Station, Guilin

Travel time between Guilin and Yangshuo by train is 30 minutes to 50 minutes, and ticket price is RMB 20.5 for a second class seat and RMB 25 for a first class seat. The train timetable has just been released on as follows.

Train No.Departure Arrival DurationTickets Fare (CNY)
D8231Guilin North
33 minutesFirst Class Seat: 25
Second Class Seat: 20.5
52 minutesFirst Class Seat: 32
Second Class Seat: 26

There was no railway station in Yangshuo before. The new station began construction in early 2014. With the backdrop of karst mountains, the terminal building spans an area of 10,000 square meters. For passenger's convinience, there are 10 tickets windows and 4 self-service ticket machines available. 

Ticket office of Yangshuo Railway Station,Guilin

Yangshuo Railway Station now is the third largest station along the Guiyang–Guangzhou high-speed rail route, only next to Guiyang North and Guangzhou South. Soon, more direct trains will be added to link Yangshuo with Guiyang, Guangzhou, and even Shenzhen. 

Yangshuo Railway Station along Guiyang-Guangzhou High-speed Railway

Yangshuo Railway Station
Chinese Name: 阳朔站
Address: Fanzengshan Village, Xingping Town, Yangshuo County, Guilin

  • Asked by Mellissa Pun
    2016-04-29 07:04
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are glad to hear that the high speed train travels to Yangshuo. I noticed this article posted the departure and arrival times from Guilin to Yangshuo. Is there any train from Yangshuo back to Guilin?

    We would like to watch the Impression evening show in Yangshuo. If we take the high speed train, how far is the Yangshuo Railway Station to the River Theater?

    Thanks, we look forward to hear from you!

    Mellissa Pun
    Answered by admin
    2016-04-29 09:18
    Hi, Mellissa,

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    It is not so convenient to take the speed train from Yangshuo to Guilin as the Yangshuo train station is located out of town, about 45 minutes drive. And usually people take bus to Guilin. If you want to take the train after watching the show, then there is no train available at that time. To save the cost, you can choose to take bus to Guilin (80 minutes).

    Have a nice day there!

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