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Minced Meat Stuffed with Pomelo Peel


Pork Stuffed with Pomelo Peel has long been a traditional specialty of Yangshuo, thanks to the locally produced pomelos or shaddock (sha tian you沙田柚in Chinese).

There are a large number of pomelo orchards around Yangshuo. When they are ripe around early October, pomelos have the size of a small football - yellow or greenish of color. This large fruit has a very thick skin, and inside the flesh is covered with a white peel.

Buy one pomelo in the market and have the vendor peel it for your convenience. Try it fresh and savor the fruit pulp. As for pomelo peel, it can be used to be a savory dish - certainly not a case of waste.

The thick pomelo peels are sliced open, stuffed with minced meat, and then cooked with a light sauce. This dish is best eaten around late autumn and winter when the pomelos are in season. Chinese people believe that pomelo peel can cure cough and congestion.

If you travel to Yangshuo, there are a number of amazing "stuffed" dishes offered.

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