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Top things to do for a night out in Guilin city


Where to have a night out for entertainment, when you have overnight stays in Guilin city? Below listed some suggestions for your reference.

Four Lakes Night Cruise, Guilin

The Li River, Taohua River, Shahu Lake, Ronghu Lake, Guihu Lake and Mulong Lake are connected together in downtown area of Guilin, which thus make the round-the city water system known as "Two Rivers and Four Lakes". There are cruise boats running on the circuit in the daytime and at night.

A boat trip along the Four Lakes is a wonderful way to spend an evening. Bridges, buildings and pagodas are beautifully illuminated along the shoreline; and folk performances provide entertainment to those on board. Impressively, fishermen would come alongside and show how their trained cormorants catch fish.

Evening stroll in downtown Guilin

Also, an evening stroll along Guilin Central Lakes area (Shanhu Lake and Ronghu Lake) - is a real treat. Walking paths are designed along the lakes; and there are some very quiet areas, distinctive bridges, and old-style pagodas. When the lights on at night, it is attractive. The trek takes 2 to 3 hours. If you give up half way there are lots of cafe and restaurants to rest in.

And, there allows travelers to have a walking extension to the famous Zhengyang pedestrian Street, the newly-built Guilin East-West Alley, and Binjiang Road by the Li River.

Evening shows at Elephant Trunk Hill Park, Guilin

Elephnat Trunk Hill - the symbol of Guiln city - has staged the hypermedia performance "Elephant Legend" since March, 2013. With colorful lights, amazing music and skillful actors, there are 4 themes on show, namely "ancient Guilin", "mysterious village", "phantom theatre" and "legend of mystical elephant". This large-scale real landscape tell the story about Guilin and Elephnat Trunk Hill.

  • Asked by Drettas Petros
    2016-09-27 17:08
    We arrived today in Guilin and we'll stay here till Friday . We stay at the White House hotel and we are looking for some tours till Friday 12 in the morning .
    Thank you
    Answered by Karen
    2016-09-27 17:29
    Dear Drettas,

    Thanks for contacting

    We are so pleased to be of service to you. Guilin is highlighted by the attractive karst scenery of Yangshuo in the south, and spectacular Longji terraced rice fields to its north. Also in downtown Guilin, there are can't-missed attractions.

    Customized tour program can be offered to meet your need. For tour details, our travel specialist will be in touch with you soon via email.

    Have a great day there,

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