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Learn to cook Guilin-style cuisine at Yangshuo Cooking Class


For people traveling in Guilin, wanna try your hands at Chinese cooking? Then in Yangshuo, cooking class offers a good chance to learn how to cook some real village food, like beer fish and steamed stuffed vegetables.

Guilin cuisine is a mix of Xiang (Hunan) and Cantonese cuisines, which means it serves the dishes with spice and chili, and also emphasize on freshness and use of selected sauce. Stir-frying and streaming are widely used when cooking.

For Yangshuo cooking lesson, start off for a visit to a bustling local market, and get to know about the fresh ingredients used in this area.  

Then, head for the cooking school. Set in a traditional mud brickk courtyard house, the cooking lessons are hands-on and authentic. At the classroom, every participant is provided with their own personal cooking station. There offered a gas burner, a full chopping block and a heavy Chinese wok, and most ingredients are already prepared.   

At first, watch the chef cook up a dish and get some idea on Chinese cooking procedure. Then, go to the individual station to DIY. You will use your own wok and fire to replicated these local dishes. The chef will be happy to give you culinary tips and secrets that have been handed down for generations.

After cooking, get together and eat the food cooked by yourselves there.

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