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Top 3 hills with great view in Yangshuo


Yangshuo, just an hour south from Guilin city along the famous Li River; the dramatic karst landscape there is a big draw to the tourists from home and abroad. It is generally believed that, “the higher you go, the better the view”. Actually when you find out the right place to go, there is no need to climb much higher and get a great view there.

Xianggongshan Hill
Xianggongshan Hill - a famous spot for shooting the sunrise of Li River. Climb up along the stone steps for about 20 minutes to the hilltop; there offers a great spot overlooking the Li River and karst scenery.

Laozhai Hill
climb for about 30 minutes up to the top of the Laozhai Hill – a best place to take photos of sunrise scenery of Li River.

Moon Hill
Moon Hill - a well-known karst hill with a natural arch near Yangshuo. It takes about 30 minutes to climb up to the hill and get a bird’s eye view of Yangshuo countryside.

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